The A to Z of your copy needs...covered

*advertorials *awards submissions *brochures *case studies *corporate profiles *editing *editorial style guides *LinkedIn profiles *media releases *newsletters *proofreading *PR support *speeches *web copy

We have your strategic communications needs covered:

These are paid advertisements, in article form, that provide an ideal format for communicating a product or service endorsement.

Case studies
They convey the benefits and attributes of a product or service, using practical examples.

Copywriting services
These include blogs, brochures, customer letters, e-newsletters, speeches, and much more.

Editing ensures copy is concise and contains the essentials such as correct spelling, punctuation and grammar. It also involves checking for consistency of style, voice and tone, ensuring its length suits the medium.

Editorial style guides
This is a valuable reference tool to help businesses maintain clear, consistent writing across their communications materials, whether internal or external.

Media releases
A media release (print or video) communicates a timely or topical announcement to the media.

Network communications
These include newsletters, intranet content, customer letters and email updates.

This involves checking all content prior to publication for errors including typos, spelling, grammar and word choice.

Public relations support
PR support can start with something as simple as writing a speech, through to building a complex campaign.

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