Mortgage Case Study
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The Candle Factory Case Study

Consulting with Ella: “Solid PR coverage and marketing communications…” 

Ella was engaged to provide public relations services to our business at The Rocks, Sydney. Ella and her team built a suite of communications materials and imagery, generated strategic media lists and media kits, and identified and produced key positioning statements to reflect our business.


Strong outcomes: media releases, e-newsletters, marketing communications

In addition to producing effective media releases and product pages, she produced materials to support our merchandising activities, including an email permission flyer, customer loyalty card, e-newsletter template and posters.


Spreading the word: “A strong communicator and relationship builder…”

Ella is a responsive, driven publicist and a passionate advocate for our products and our brand. Ella and her team were successful at pitching and placing stories in very high profile, high-circulation publications and affirmed solid media relationships on behalf of our business.


Sean and Zoe Gray
Owners, The Candle Factory

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Premier Painting Company Case Study

Consulting with Ella: "Ella immediately understood..."

I engaged Ella to write a business profile and award submission for our entry in the Dulux Accredited National Award. With a short but thorough briefing session, Ella immediately understood my requirements.


Outstanding outcomes: "An amazing business profile and awards submission..."

Ella delivered ahead of time and totally exceeded my expectations. She collated our company history, direction and achievements to produce an amazing business profile and award submission. The detail and layout was perfect, and content was easy to read and highly informative.


Spreading the word: "I would completely recommend Ella..."

As a result, we won a $5,000 award from Dulux. I was very pleased with the complete service, and would completely recommend Ella to anyone looking to enhance their business in a written format. We will definitely engage Ella again.


Anthony Conway
Managing Director, Premier Painting Company

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Morrison Case Study
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Copyriot Case Study

Consulting with Ella: "Ella is my first choice..."

I've engaged Ella over the past couple of years and continue to work with her. She is my first choice when I need a writer I can rely on. Ella has helped me out with a variety of projects, from supplying voiceover scripts on an ongoing basis to editing and amending a significant book project.


Outstanding outcomes: "She works seamlessly with my clients..."

In fact when I was suddenly taken ill late last year, Ella stepped in for me and provided scripts on my behalf for many weeks, seamlessly working with my clients and keeping a key business contact of mine happy while I was away. I can’t think of anyone else who could have done the job so well.


Spreading the word: "Communicative talent and rock-solid reliability."

Ella is easy to get along with, efficient, and able to interpret all kinds of briefs. She supplies copy to a high standard every time. I am yet to find another writer who combines great communicative talent with such rock-solid reliability.


Kym Liebig
Owner/Proprietor, Copyriot

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Locke Pty Ltd Case Study

Consulting with Ella: "Terrific copywriting, editorial and publicity..."

Ella has provided terrific copywriting, editorial and publicity support to us and to our clients for several years. Ella's approach is efficient and effective. She strives to achieve clarity for her audience - delivering effective, compelling, brand-aligned content that is always on target.


Outstanding outcomes: brochures, advertisements, websites and media campaigns

Ella has delivered copywriting services for new product launches, proposals and various campaigns. She has helped us with brochure copy, advertisements and websites, while also developing and running a number of successful media campaigns.


Spreading the word: "A fast, intelligent writer..."

If you are looking for a fast, intelligent writer who can thoroughly interrogate a brief and deliver a clear message to your audience, get Ella on the job. Ella is also a smart, responsive publicist who knows the media and delivers what they need.

Michael Locke
Managing Partner, LOCKE pty ltd

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Llewellyn Communications Case Study

Consulting with Ella: "Invaluable public relations and copywriting services..."

Ella has provided invaluable public relations and copywriting services for several of our clients. For example, she helped us achieve publicity for Cochlear during Hearing Awareness Week 2011 - this involved cover and feature stories in regional, local and metropolitan media. Ella interviewed implant recipients, pitched stories into the media, arranged interviews and booked photo sessions. During this busy and stressful time, it was great to be able to give Ella free rein.


Outstanding outcomes: Creativity to the fore

Ella has also helped us with written brochure and website copy. When Swimart needed a Local Area Marketing Guide, Ella came to the fore, and a complex task was made easy. And when creative terms and copy were required for EcoSmart Fire, Ella came up with a series of taglines that set the theme for the catalogue.


Spreading the word: "Flexible and a delight to deal with."

Like myself, Ella is a journalist by training, and it's nice to work with somebody who is flexible and can adapt, regardless of what I 'throw' her. Ella is also great to bounce ideas off and provide a second opinion. She is a delight to deal with; a really lovely, sunny and professional person. That's rare in this environment of cynical PR people (including myself!).

Lisa Llewellyn
Owner, Llewellyn Communications 

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Mint360 Property Case Study

Consulting with Ella: "Excellent speech writing to captivate audiences..."

Ella Smith Communications was engaged by Mint360property to work with general manager Diane Goncalves to deliver a speech in honour of a 2011 Shooting Star Charity Event for Youth Off The Streets. The speech, delivered in front of 250 guests, required compelling content that captivated guests and illustrated Youth Off The Streets' work and met the objectives of the event.


Outstanding outcomes: precision content, ideas generation, editing

Ella successfully turned my vague ideas and thoughts into a speech that rivalled some of the best speeches I’ve ever given. Ella’s precise content and messages encapsulated the very essence of the event while also allowing me to add my own personal flavour.

Ella removed all the stress from writing and delivering the speech. Content from the speech sparked a fire in guests, inspiring them to donate funds and bid for items in our charity auction. Many guests congratulated me on the content of my speech as well as its delivery. I achieved my objectives!


Meeting deadlines and content objectives: "A brilliant businesswoman..."

Ella is a brilliant businesswoman. The brief, its content and delivery were all supplied within the timeframe and met our requirements. Ella's down-to-earth approach made it easy to work towards the desired outcome for our event.


Diane Goncalves
General manager, Mint360 Property

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MYOB Case Study

Consulting with Ella: "Strong communicator, copywriter and team player..."

We engaged Ella in the temporary, part-time position of Public Relations Editor during a team restructure. Working in a fast-paced, collaborative environment, Ella shared with us her wealth of communications experience in PR and journalism. In her time with MYOB she designed and executed stand-alone campaigns, and produced quality media releases, blogs and editorials. Ella quickly grasped the fundamentals of the accounting sector and drew on her technology sector knowledge to ensure our activities ticked all the right boxes.


Outstanding outcomes: media releases, blogs, editorials and client liaison

Ella delivered quality support to our team. She gave me peace of mind, knowing her assigned projects were carefully and thoroughly managed, enabling the rest of the team to focus on the tasks at hand.
Ella also provided a seamless handover to our new full-timer.


Spreading the word: "An intelligent, committed PR Editor, team player..."

If you are seeking professional communications support for your team, whether in-house or off-site, get Ella on-board. She is an amiable, reliable and responsive communications professional who works comfortably on her own or as part of a team, with a commitment to excellence (and a great sense of humour!). We'll definitely use Ella's services in the future.


Kristy Sheppard
PR Manager, MYOB


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